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Turning a person into a character: Can also include adapting the style throughout the seasons

Character Development


Building a character to become the face of your business is an exciting process.

I work with you, providing plenty of character options based around your initial ideas. These are then further tweaked, before arriving at the final design. A character can be designed from a variety of angles should you need them too.


A character can be created in various ways:


From an actual person : by sending us good, clear photos of the person.

Cartoon/Mascot : This could be part of your overal branding, but not nessasarily part of your main logo.

Simple/Icon : Popular request, helping you to bring instant personality and become easily recgonised.

Handdrawn : Sketched edges, blending watercolours.. anything is possible.



Adapting and growing a character: Sometimes the first ideas are not always the best

Become the style you love: A little research here and Japanese 'chibi' style achieved

Turning a person into a character: Can include as many poses as you require

Main character or many?: Promote your brand further with a whole a team of friends